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Psychological First Aid Training


SBRN offers ongoing PFA training to community members, organizations, and businesses that want to develop PFA response teams. 

Trainings cover PFA, Grounding & Coping techniques, suicide prevention and response, and Compassion Center and Patrol development.

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Psychological First Aid Response


When activated, we provide an assessment to develop an appropriate response, a PFA Team  to provide assistance, and a warm handoff  to the appropriate agency if more structured, long term support is needed.  

We do not offer therapy, but rather organic support through person-to-person interactions

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Umbrella Programs

The Neighborhood Papers


The Neighborhood Papers is a monthly, resiliency based storytelling effort that publishes stories of hope and strength from each unique area of the city. By establishing a way to voice common needs, we hope to to support and help raise up those that are most voiceless in this city.  

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Immigration Advocacy Collaborative


Join our convening of community need. As our local Majority-Minority migrant residents face fears of mass-deportations, we convene to establish resiliency and safety within the community for our children to thrive within it. 

All are welcome to attend. 

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Anger Management Program


This program helps parents coping with cycles of violence, and provides a state-wide curriculum to help lower recidivism rates. It teaches parents how to cope with anger, aggression, conflict, grief, and crisis. We combine the treatment with a resilience-based Case Management service to help parents achieve stability and sustainability.   

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