Our Community Programs

Become a Volunteer


You are needed and you can make a difference. We all have something to offer someone else in need. 

Psychological First Aid (PFA)


Learn the skills of providing PFA and become a responder or build your a team of responders within your agency. 

Train Others in PFA


Become a trainer of PFA and train entities on how to properly establish Compassion Centers within own systems of care. 

Write stories of Resilience


Become a writer in our monthly neighborhood resiliency-based storytelling effort. Your stories help others find hope!

Immigration Advocacy Collaborative (I.A.C.)


As our local Majority-Minority migrant residents fear mass-deportations, we convene to establish resiliency and safety.

BIP - To Prevent Harm


This program helps parents coping with cycles of violence and is composed of two comprehensive  strategies.