As a grassroots organization, we need your help. It has been said that it takes a village to bring up a child, and we know that it takes a community to heal from a traumatic event. You are needed and you can make a difference, because every person has something to offer someone else in need.

Ways to support



Help SBRN respond to traumatic events. We hold regular training in PFA, and once you’re certified, you can join a response team and begin helping the community.

Become a Trainer


Interested in doing more? Become a trainer and lead PFA trainings that help others provide compassionate support. As a trainer, you will learn how to establish a Compassion Center and manage PFA teams.



As a grassroots organization, we need donations to provide this life changing support. Money goes towards holding PFA training sessions, setting up Compassion Patrol Centers, and helping our umbrella programs.