• BECOME A TRAINED VOLUNTEER: SBRN will provide individuals or groups with information on training opportunities and skill-sets around wellness. 

We hold regular trainings in PFA and once you are certified, you can join our response teams as they dispatch to traumatic events in order to help others.

 • BECOME A TRAINER: Becoming a trainer means that you will lead PFA trainings and help our community learn how to provide compassionate support. As a trainer, you will learn how to establish a Compassion Center and manage PFA teams. 

 • BECOME A SUPPORTER: There are many ways to get involved in SBRN. We are always looking for volunteers that will help us get the spirit of compassionate healing out to the community. Your efforts in volunteering, helping, becoming trained, supporting people facing trauma, or monitory contributions helps us build a community of united resiliency. 

Contact Us

Call 1 (805) 699-5608 or Send us a message to be a responder or to activate the network

SBRN Address and Contact Info.

Groups and Program Site

Our programs are run within the community. We hold space for our educational programs at:

429 N. Milpas St #C Santa Barbara CA 93103

This is the cottage in the back of the big red brick building at the corner of Milpas and Haley St. 

Our program contact phone number is:


You may also email our programs at:

Corporate Administration

PFA and Compassion Centers are organized throughout the region as traumatic event occur. These events are managed at our corporate office: 

115 W. Canon Perdido St. Santa Barbara CA 93101

Our non-emergency corporate phone number is: (805) 617-0541

You may also email our corporate office at:


Anyone can activate a response by calling our 24/7 hotline: