Dedicated to offering Psychological First Aid (PFA)



SBRN came to fruition  after a cluster of suicides impacted a Majority-Minority neighborhood. A convening took place where people were empowered to innovate their own solutions in effectively stopping a contagion of youth deaths by joining forces with service providers and experts. Then, a Majority-Minority community implemented a national PFA resiliency-based deployment approach and made it their own. 


 Since then, we have been established as a grassroots volunteer-based nonprofit, dedicated to offering support in the form of Psychological First-Aid (PFA), in order to assist a community in finding their own resilience to recover from Traumatic Incidents, Disasters, Deaths, or Mass Community Crisis.  



Now, our technique of PFA continues to create stabilization when individuals are in crisis. PFA is designed to reduce initial distress caused by traumatic events as it fosters long-term adaptive coping functions. It is intended for use with children, adolescents, parents/caretakers, families, and communities exposed to disaster, traumatic events, or terrorism. Psychological First Aid can also be provided to first responders and other disaster relief workers. 


Along with PFA, SBRN has also developed Compassion Centers and Compassion Patrols. This was innovated from our local PFA module, when our community was hit with a mass gun related homicide. 

Today, when there is a community in crisis recently affected by a traumatic event, SBRN sets up a center (within the impacted area) where anyone in need of help can walk-in voluntarily to meet with trained PFA volunteer responders. The team of PFA responders also uses the center as a home-base for deployment of PFA in an impacted area, utilizing Compassion Patrols to walk within a hurting community. 


Anyone can activate a response by calling our 24-hour hotline. As a grassroots organization, we strive to support all of our community into resiliency with stabilization after facing Suicides, Violent Injures, Deaths, Natural Disasters, Community Crisis, and other Traumatic Incidents. 

All you need to do is call: (805) 699-5608.


How Else Do We Help Establish Resilience

 SBRN was formed by bringing together a full community to address trauma and innovate positive solutions with all those affected by crisis in order to create long-term positive changes. We continue to convene collaboratives any time there is a community issue that causes mass-panic or trauma in order to promote the creation of positive resiliency-based approaches that will help those in need. 


Our Storytelling Effort


We hope that these periodicals will unite each unique neighborhood and create resilience by providing examples of hope and strength from each unique area of the city. SBRN supports innovation and resilience that upraises for the most voiceless in this city when there is opportunity for education, respect, dignity, and a way to voice our common needs.  

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Anger Management BIP


SBRN is proud to incubate grassroots services by acting as a fiscal umbrella and a partner to budding programs focusing on lowering aggressive patterns that may cause harm within our community. Currently we are in partnership with the Batterers Intervention Program in this way. Learn more about BIP. 

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Immigration Advocacy Collaborative (I.A.C.)

  Join our current convening of community need. As our local Majority-Minority migrant residents face fears of mass-deportations, we convene to establish resiliency and safety within the community in order for our children to thrive within it.  We meet on the First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Wednesday of every week in Trinity Church (1500 State St) at 5:30 p.m. 

All are welcome to attend.