Mission Statement

SBRN is a grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to supporting fellow community members’ through traumatic experiences. We were formed by bringing together a full community to address trauma and innovate positive solutions with all those affected by crisis in order to create long-term positive changes. 

How We Establish Resilience

We  promote the creation of positive resiliency-based approaches any time there is a community issue that causes mass-panic or trauma. Volunteers are trained in Psychological First-Aid (PFA) to assist a community in finding their own resilience to recover. We do not offer therapy, but rather organic support through person-to-person interactions.

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Umbrella Programs

SBRN has adopted several nonprofits under our umbrella. These nonprofits share a similar philosophy and focus on recovery in our community. 

Neighborhood Papers


Immigration Advocacy Collaborative


Anger Management Program


Lost Art of Love Letters


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Our services are available 24/7 in English and Spanish.