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We are a volunteer grassroots community non-profit, dedicated offering social support in the form of psychological first aid (PFA), to assist individuals, families, and the community to recover from traumatic incidents.  

Update on SBRN's Efforts

SBRN’s Responses to the Mudslide Disaster

SBRN developed and established the concept of the Compassion Center, which is a place where anyone impacted by trauma can come voluntarily to meet with volunteers trained in Psychological First Aid to facilitate healing from trauma. Compassion Centers are now being routinely utilized throughout the community to assist in psychological recovery. SBRN is an integral part of the Community Wellness Team, a committee established to oversee the mental health needs of the community after the disaster. This team has been providing psychological support to individuals, families, first responders, teachers,

clergy, and community members impacted by the mudslides and fires.

SBRN volunteers have been responding directly in communities and Compassion Centers have been set up at schools; Cold Springs Elementary, Montecito Union, and Cleveland Elementary, Mount Carmel school, among others. Support was offered to the children, the parents, and the teachers during the aftermath.

SBRN volunteers have provided psychological support at the community information meetings in Santa Barbara: San Marcos High School, La Cumbre Junior High, and in Carpinteria.

SBRN helped to gather resource information to be distributed in hotels where evacuated families were residing. SBRN volunteers helped at the Emergency Command Center, manning the phones and responding to calls from the community. SBRN Volunteers helped at the vigil held at the Sunken Gardens SBRN assisted at the Healing Circle held at the Santa Barbara City College. SBRN volunteers also provided support at the funerals for the victims of the disaster.

SBRN worked closely with the SB County psychologists, MFT’s, and social workers to create a listing of free counseling services to families impacted. SBRN helped at the family picnics at the schools where the families had lost children, providing support for the children and parents of the school.

Umbrella Programs


This is a publication Under the care of The Santa Barbara Response Network A 501.c3 nonprofit community education tax exempt entity. We hope that this periodical will unite each unique neighborhood and create resilience by providing examples of hope and strength from each unique area of the city. SBRN supports innovation and resilience that upraises for the most voiceless in this city when there is opportunity for education, respect, dignity, and a way to voice our common needs.  

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Batterers Intervention Program

 The SBRN agency is proud to incubate grassroots services by acting as a fiscal umbrella and a partner to budding programs focusing on lowering aggressive patterns that may cause harm within our community. Currently we are in partnership with the Batterers Intervention Program in this way. Learn more about BIP. 

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